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Post Bowen Session Instructions

The healing session you have received is very unique.  It is designed to address a wide variety of conditions and pain at the same time. Every system and organ in your body has been addressed.  These instructions are given to enhance the course of your healing as your body begins its restoration back to a balanced health.  

The session you received today will continue to work for the next 3-5+ days as though you received a treatment every day.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The gentle and profound Bowen Activations that you received today need time to process as they can begin to strengthen and increase the natural healing processes of the body.  Body re-alignment, re-balancing, detoxification, and mental changes are some of the responses that can naturally take place. Your body may go through a variety of changes that may be quite different than what you may have expected.    If you have ANY questions regarding your session or the changes that are taking place in your body, please contact me.  I am more than happy to answer your questions.

Following the instructions below will greatly enhance your session.


On the day of your session:

  1. Refrain from sitting for longer than 30 minutes at one time.  Walk around every 30 minutes to keep the body moving and flowing. A cramped posture could block the treatment and make it ineffective. This is very important if you are driving some distance… stop every 30-45 minutes and walk around the car a few times (in a safe place). Also, refrain from crossing your legs and ankles as this may contribute to displaced hip joints and lower back pain.
  2. You may lie down flat and rest without having to get up and walk.  Your body will begin to reset itself as you rest.
  3. Stand up on both feet. In order for hip joints and pelvis to realign into a healthy position, it is recommended that you always put both feet on the floor at the same time when you stand, e.g. getting out of bed or your car.
  4. Strenuous exercise should be avoided if at all possible.  Gentle exercise such as walking or bicycling is definitely encouraged. No exhausting activities.
  5. Drink water every day at least ½ your body weight – in ounces (i.e. 150 lbs. divide by 2 = 75 ounces… if you are able) ½ cup every 30 minutes is advisable to best assist your body in removing toxins and waste and helps the body cope better with pain symptoms. (Unless otherwise advised by your physician.)
  6. No alcoholic beverages – Bowen may intensify the normal effects of the alcohol.

During the following week:

  1. NO massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, physiotherapy (limit yourself to one therapy at a time), dental drilling, hot or cold baths, Jacuzzis, heating pads, ice packs, as well as liniments. A warm shower is acceptable.
  2. Homeopathic medicines or flower essences are welcome. They work very well with Bowen.
  3. If you are in discomfort, the use of aspirin or mild over the counter pain reliever will be fine.
  4. Drink lots of water every day. (Unless otherwise advised by your physician.)
  5. At least 20 minutes of gentle exercise every day is highly advised.  Go take at least a 20-minute stroll – if you are able.
  6. Do not over work yourself… you may be feeling very energetic a few days after a Bowen therapy session… remember your body has been needing rest, so give it a much needed break.

NO MAGNETS!!! Not in your shoes, anywhere on your body, in your pillow or mattress.  Magnets are very detrimental to a Bowen session! Heal lifts should also be removed.  You may readily find that you don’t need them anymore.  

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