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Using COVID-19 best practice recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO), guidance from other health-care sectors, findings from the limited and preliminary research on the virus, and the most accurate updates I could gather from my insurance company Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals (ABMP) on the quickly evolving science, I am implementing these new protocols in my business as we move forward together.

There Are No Guarantees

In lieu of a cure, vaccine, antibody tests, or other intervention for COVID-19, there is no way right now to venture back into practice without revised protocols to protect you and me. Even so, there is no guarantee that you or I will come away from our interactions unscathed. We all must be responsible for making good decisions for each of our own health and that of our families. 

New Protocols

  • Temperature will be taken by a hand held device upon arrival. If your temperature is 100+F, your appointment must be rescheduled. No exceptions. 
  • Hand Sanitizer or Washing Your Hands will be required before your session starts.
  • Face Masks will be required to be worn by both the client and the practitioner. If you are concerned about wearing your mask while face down in the face cradle, no worries! A new way of catching droplets will make it possible for you to take your mask off while face down in the cradle. 
  • Gloves will be used by the practitioner when doing any neck and facial work and when accepting payment. 
  • Face Shield will be worn by the practitioner during the session. 
  • Scrubs like attire that will be changed between each client. Yes, I have to change my clothes after every session.
  • Longer times between appointment times to allow the practitioner to change attire, all linens and strict cleaning* protocols before the next client arrives. Please keep how much chit-chat time we have before and after your session to a minimum. I need more time to perform these extra protocols. 
  • Vulnerable population may have to hold off coming for an appointment longer than the initial reopening.
  • No 'Waiting' Room if you arrive early. Please wait til your appointment time to come to the door. 
  • Only One Person at a time. For now, I'll only be working on one client at a time. The second table in the living room is unavailable. The only exception is if you are coming as a pair - you will be in the one private room, side-by-side. It will be a tight fit but we can make it work.

Hopefully some of these new protocols are only temporary. But only time will tell. It isn't easy to adapt to change. But we must follow these protocols for the safety of all those we interconnect with. I apologize for the inconveniences this causes but know that I care deeply about each and every one of you. Good Health to you!

*I'm using an EPA approved cleaner for all surfaces. I've chosen to use Bioesque Botanical Disinfectant Solution. See their website for details on this cleaner.

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