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Trust Bowen Therapy Clients,

Welcome! I know the feeling of losing your favorite therapist and feeling unsure where to go to next. When I lost my first Bowen Therapist, I lost Bowen Therapy. I didn't find it again until I was in a car accident years later. (See my story under About the Practitioner) It doesn't have to be that way for you. I'd love to help you to continue on your healing journey.

In my own journey, I've been worked on by many Bowen Therapist. And one thing I've learned is that no two Therapist are exactly alike. Sure, we all know the Principles of Bowen and the moves are all very similar. But each therapist is unique. Even so, I've had great results from all of them. Just know that I can't replace Trust because he is unique. But I hope you are willing to give me a chance to continue his work with you.

As new clients of mine, I will offer you a discount on your first three sessions. ($150 for 3 sessions. See my page on Services and Rates.) Free short sessions for pregnant women and babies will be continued.

Looking forward to meeting you soon,

April 'Sunshine' Stenen

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